We make a real difference to the lives of the people we deal with, improving their comfort, health and helping to eradicate fuel poverty.

With good old fashioned hard work, a skilled management team, a dedicated and committed workforce and many a happy customer, we have become one of the UK’s most successful and well recognised energy efficiency solution providers.

But that is not enough.

We know that homes and businesses are continuing to face extremes worries over the cost of their energy bills – concerns that only seem to grow each year.

That’s why we want to create a movement in the UK where we help homes and businesses to both save on energy bills – and to earn money by being more energy efficient.

Together we believe we can work to build a UK-wide community where homeowners, businesses and tenants can have a warm, healthy living environment, be energy efficient – and make money from energy.

Let’s all stop wasting what is getting scarcer and stop paying for energy that we don’t need…


Our Story

Having started life as a home insulation survey company in Livingston in 2005, Direct Savings, run by husband and wife team Jed and Eileen Smith, moved quickly within a rapidly changing energy efficiency sector to set up their own loft and cavity wall installation teams.

Since that move forward the company have gone from strength to strength to become one of Scotland’s most successful and high profile energy efficiency companies with strategically placed branches throughout  Scotland. We have continued our success by progressing in to England growing from a team of two to over 50 staff UK wide.

Direct Savings have now installed insulation in more than 100,000 domestic properties nationwide while at the same time building an impressive client list in both the public and private sector


• The Scottish Parliament

• Carillion Energy Services

• Historic Scotland

• Scottish Power

• National Trust for Scotland

• University of St. Andrews

• Climate Challenge Fund Groups


• StAndEN

• Pentland Housing Association



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