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Insulating your loft space provides one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective ways to save on your energy bills.                                                         

Around 25% of a building’s heat is lost through its roof.*

Our expert technicians have handled more than 100,000 free loft insulation projects around the UK – and we have the experience of sourcing funding so that it may not even cost you a penny to have your home done. 

And with most jobs taking under two hours, you could be enjoying a warmer house in no time at all.

As well as installing insulation in more than 100,000 homes nationwide, here at Direct Savings we have also built an impressive client list in both the public and private sector including:

• The Scottish Parliament

• Carillion Energy Services

• Historic Scotland

• Scottish Power

• National Trust for Scotland

• University of St. Andrews

• Climate Challenge Fund Groups


• StAndEN

• Pentland Housing Association

Loft insulation acts like a blanket, helping prevent heat escaping through the roof. By installing insulation in your loft, attic or flat roof, you will notice the difference immediately. Your rooms will retain heat longer, meaning you won’t need to run the heating as much – cutting the size of your heating bills.

Loft insulation is also effective for at least 40 years, providing year-after-year of benefit. 

As well as keeping your home warmer in the winter, loft insulation also can keep your house cooler in summer as shields the roof in sunny weather, preventing your property from getting too warm.     

It also can help in reducing noise from outside, such as traffic noise, and can play an important role in improving your home’s energy efficiency rating.

*Source: Haringey Council


How Direct Savings can help


The home survey will allow us to assess how energy efficient your home is – and to decide whether you would benefit from loft insulation.

Our extensive, 10 year experience as one of the UK’s leading energy efficiency specialists means we are ideally placed to source the best possible funding for your loft insulation – in some cases that could mean free loft insulation.


How it works


Loft insulation is a man-made mineral fibre that comes supplied in a roll form.  The material generally used is made from silica, creating a wool type product, also known as glass wool. The installation is a simple process and involves the rolls of insulation being laid between and across the roof joists. This process should only take 1-2 hours. Loft insulation is effective for at least 40 years. 

The amount of loft insulation required in lofts has gradually increased in the past 50 years. If your house is more than 10 years old there is a big chance that you could benefit greatly from getting your loft insulated. It is now widely recognised that thicker insulation brings significant improvements to the energy efficiency of homes.

Current building regulations recommend that you have a minimum of 270mm, so it’s not surprising that many older homes do not comply with current regulations. You can easily check if your home is up to the latest regulations by lifting the loft hatch and measuring the distance between the top of the insulation and the board below. If you find that you are under the recommended amount of 270mm we suggest you get your loft insulated as soon as possible.

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