Roof Insulation


For the vast majority of homes the number one priority should be to insulate the joists in your loft space - and Direct Savings will almost always advise you to take care of that first.

However, Modern insulation materials mean the rafters of your roof can also be insulated, whether you have a flat or pitched roof.

Not only can these insulation projects  be completed speedily and effectively, but Insulating your roof can prevent up to 25%* of your home’s heat loss, further helping you to save on your energy bills. 

While loft insulation – using mineral wool rolls – will make a major difference to the energy efficiency of your home, insulating the actual rafters of your roof will provide huge additional benefits.

It means heat cannot escape through your roof space – making your home warmer and greener.

It will also mean that the roof or attic space can be used as additional living space – providing the added additional advantage of new accommodation options.

A well-insulated roof also means you will have a cooler house in sunny weather as it protects the house from getting excessively warm.

*Source: Haringey Council


How Direct Savings can help


The home survey will allow us to assess how energy efficient your home is – and to decide whether you would benefit from roof insulation. 

Our extensive experience as one of the UK’s leading energy efficiency specialists means we are ideally placed to source the best possible funding to allow your roof insulation project.


How does roof insulation work?

For pitched roofs, high density, insulation panels or slabs – made of plastic foam, polyurethane- type material - are placed to run in line with the roof rafters, either placed above, in between or below the rafters. Sometimes a combination of these – supported by insulated plasterboard - is necessary to achieve the desired level of insulation.

For flat roofs, rigid, high-density insulation boards or panels are fixed to the underside of a flat roof using studs or other fixing methods. 

In difficult to reach roof areas, insulation foam can be blown into gaps and cavities to provide an effective seal across a roof.

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