15 Oct Living Room BodyA unique partnership between a Fife community-based project and Scotland’s leading energy efficiency experts has helped transform the life of a St Andrews pensioner.

Helen Wares who is in her seventies, lives on her own in a three bedroom house and suffers from chronic rheumatoid arthritis, and was finding it expensive to heat her home.

But when her plight was highlighted to St Andrews Environmental Network (StAndEN), the group set up by St Andrews’ Community Council who aim to reduce CO2 emissions, cut household fuel bills – they decided to use her as a guinea pig for trial of an innovative heating system.

The £5000 system – known as Infranomic Far Infrared Heating – was installed free of charge by energy efficiency solutions specialists Direct Savings in Helen’s home.

Jane Kell, Project Manager at StAndEN, said after becoming aware of the Direct Savings heaters, and being impressed with the low consumption of electricity they used, they were keen to test the system, and wanted to identify a local home using storage heating and high in energy usage.

Jane said: “Our aim is to promote energy efficiency across the region and to work with people experiencing fuel poverty. However, this system is fantastic in that it significantly reduces carbon emissions, which is one of our main priorities.

“Helen has certainly noticed a significant difference in the heating of her home. Prior to the installation of the Infranomic system she complained that the storage heating only warmed downstairs and once the evenings crept in, the heat throughout her home was quickly lost.

“Although we are awaiting official numbers and statistics to compare consumption and costs from last year, we are closely monitoring meter readings.

“Helen is delighted with the new system as she now has a level of heat in her home that wasn’t possible before and her whole house is now constantly warm.

“We are really looking forward to understanding the full success and benefits of this project and hope that we can continue our relationship with Direct Savings well into the future.”

Although Helen’s home is well insulated with no draughts, its dependence on outdated storage heaters have provided ideal conditions for this pilot project.

Direct Savings and StAndEN will work alongside St Andrews University to carefully monitor the amount of electricity required to run this the heating system.


Infranomic Systems


Infranomic heaters omit ‘Far Infrared’ energy which floods the entire room with warmth, absorbing into all materials within the room, including the walls, ceiling and floor. The heat retention is far greater to that of warm air conventional systems. Far Infrared is also acknowledged as a natural and harmless form of heating that is actually beneficial to the human body – the body is designed to absorb Infrared energy as it operates on the same frequency.

Uniquely, the heating panels, which use the same technology found in special baby care incubators, can be designed to look like art work or mirrors – or take the shape of a favourite picture or image.

The heating elements are also completely maintenance free and require no annual servicing, saving even more money each year.

Ged Smith, Managing Director at Direct Savings, said: “We are delighted to be involved with this pilot project in partnership with StAndEN.

“Infranomic heating can go a long way in alleviating ever increasing energy costs, saving an average of 45% on heating costs per year, making it highly efficient and cost effective.

“We are especially glad to be able to help Helen and confident that she will notice significant improvements in the heating of her home as well as a noticeable decrease in energy bills.”

Ged added: “As a nation we’re hooked on traditional gas, oil and electric heating systems, which are a legacy from last century’s efforts to heat poorly insulated homes and buildings.

“Now that we are able to properly insulate most homes, these convection heating systems are shown up as costly and inefficient. Infranomic heaters are the next generation, offering a far more efficient and controllable heating.”

Direct Savings is a UK leader in high quality, innovative energy saving solutions, such as infranomic heating systems and inflector window insulation, both of which are leading edge energy efficiency technology. It operates out of six bases – its Bathgate head office, Livingston, Perth, Peterhead, Milton Keynes and Bradford – with a staff profile of 130 where it specialises in carrying out programmes of loft and cavity wall insulations on behalf of energy firms in homes across the UK.

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