19 Mar Bathroom BodyA Scottish firm which has pioneered an innovative system tipped to revolutionise the domestic home heating market has launched a search for show homes in the region.

Direct Savings is offering home owners the chance to have the state of the art heating system worth £6,000 installed at a substantial discount to give others the opportunity to view the technology in action.

The Scottish energy efficiency specialist is installing the Infranomic Far Infrared Heating, which features the same technology used in premature baby incubators, in a house on Barra - making it the first home to be fitted with the system in the Western Isles, which the firm now hopes to roll out wider.

Ged Smith, Managing Director of Direct Savings, believes the technology is perfectly suited for homeowners in the West Highlands and Islands who are likely to be more predisposed to explore energy efficient heating solutions particularly as they don’t have the option of gas heating.

He said: “We know the rising cost of fuel in the area is a big concern for many households.

“Our Infranomics heating system can go a long way in alleviating heating costs. It can save an average of 45% on heating costs per year, making it highly efficient and cost effective.

“Our first project on Barra will reveal the potential that the system can offer to properties on rural island communities.

“We now want to demonstrate to homeowners in the West Highlands and Islands that the system is a truly viable form of alternative energy. That means we can offer homeowners who may not normally be able to afford the system, the chance to benefit from this ground-breaking heating technology in return for acting as one of our show houses.”


Infranomic Innovation


Infranomic heaters omit Far Infrared energy which floods the entire room with warmth, absorbing into all materials within the room, including the walls, ceiling and floor. The heat retention is far greater to that of warm air conventional systems.

In addition, the actual operating time of the heater is greatly reduced and the heat spreads evenly throughout the room.

Far Infrared is also acknowledged as a natural and harmless form of heating that is actually beneficial to the human body – the body is designed to absorb Infrared energy as it operates on the same frequency.

The system is being installed at a 2 bedroom property in Barra, which has had 6 of the heaters installed in a bid to drive down energy costs and improve heating efficiency.

Infranomic Far Infrared systems are an ideal replacement for inefficient storage heaters and can be designed to look like art work or mirrors – or take the shape of a favourite picture or image. The heating elements are also completely maintenance free and require no annual servicing, saving even more money each year.

Direct Savings have sole UK distribution rights for the Infranomic Far Infrared system, and Ged said they are confident the heaters will become commonplace in homes and properties in the near future.

Ged said: “As a nation we’re hooked on traditional gas, oil and electric heating systems, which are a legacy from last century’s efforts to heat poorly insulated homes and buildings.

“Now that we are able to properly insulate most homes, these convection heating systems are shown up as costly and inefficient. Infranomic heaters are the next generation, offering a far more efficient and controllable heating.”

Direct Savings is one of the UK’s leading national installer of high quality, innovative energy saving solutions. It operates out of five bases – its Livingston head office, Bathgate, Perth, Peterhead, Milton Keynes and Bradford – with a staff profile of 130.

Homeowners who are interested in taking part in the show home programme, should contact Direct Savings on 01506444161 or email infranomics@directsavings.co.uk

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