09 Oct Nursery ThumbnailA family run business is showing its commitment to help protect the planet for future generations by introducing a range of energy efficiency measures in a bid to be amongst Scotland’s ‘greenest’ nurseries.

First Class Nursery in Livingston, West Lothian, has become the first in Scotland to install a revolutionary new heating system supplied by energy efficiency experts Direct Savings, described as the ‘next generation of heating’.

The nursery had also has invested in other energy saving improvements as well as embarking on a programme to encourage and educate children to become ‘green ambassadors’, specifically to highlight environmental concerns to their parents.

Until recently the nursery, housed in a 100 year old former school building located in Livingston Village, was heated by the original electric panel heaters, which proved costly to run and resulted in heating bills in excess of £10k per annum.

West Lothian based Direct Savings was brought in to install its state-of-the-art Infranomic Far Infrared heating system as well as loft insulation and heat saving window reflector screens, all of which are already helping to cut energy use and save money.

Annette Irving, manager at First Class Nursery, said: “We decided to opt for the Infranomic products from Direct Savings because we were sold on the fact that it would provide efficient heating, leading to low running costs and energy savings.

“Our bills previously have been extortionate, as the old system was inefficient and because we had no thermostat it was necessary to have the heating on constantly.

“While we anticipate the new system is likely to halve our heating bills, it is not just a way of cutting costs. As a business we believe it is important to do our part for the environment particularly as we clearly have the next generation very much in our thoughts.

“Additionally, I am aware of the health benefits related to this form of heating, some of the children suffer from asthma and skin conditions so anything that can assist in relieving these ailments is a worthwhile investment in itself.


Reduce, reuse, recycle


The nursery has put energy efficiency education as key part of its service to ensure the children are conscious of environmental issues. It encourages the children to reduce, reuse and recycle and aside from installing energy efficient infranomics heating, they have invited Direct Savings business development director, Michael Donald, to speak with the children about environmental concerns.

Additionally, the nursery is researching the idea of installing solar panels to further reduce their carbon emissions and has joined the Eco-Schools Scotland programme, a world wide initiative, which engages and educates children on key environmental issues and the value of a low carbon future.

Annette added: “We wanted the children to learn about the importance of energy efficiency in an everyday and real setting.

“Essentially our intention is to educate the children so they become future green ambassadors, informing their parents and friends about environmental issues and what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Despite the heating only having been installed within the past month, staff at the nursery have already reported having to turn the heating down and are delighted that they can now control the temperature of each room individually.

Jessica Fenwick, whose children attend First Class Nursery, said: “As a family we are very aware of environmental issues and make every effort to play our part reducing and reusing waste.

“First Class Nursery is very proactive in talking to the children about environmental concerns and inviting guest speakers along to highlight the importance of protecting our planet for the future.

“As parents we were informed of this innovative, infranomic heating system which has now been installed in the nursery and I believe overall it is a fantastic concept.

“My youngest son, Rowen, suffers from eczema and I have certainly noticed a difference in that his skin is less irritated as the air is so much cleaner now.

“I have definitely noticed a difference in the nursery’s heating already and can tell that the rooms are different temperatures, it feels so much cosier now.”


Unique Heating System


Direct Savings’ patented Infranomic system, which features the same technology used in premature baby incubators, boasts energy efficient credentials which could save home and business owners an average of 45% per year on heating costs.

Infranomic heaters emit ‘Far Infrared’ energy which floods the entire room with warmth, absorbing into all materials within the room, including the walls, ceiling and floor. The heat retention is far greater than that of warm air conventional systems.

Ged Smith, Managing Director at Direct Savings: “We are confident our Infranomic heating system will prove to be far more energy efficient and cheaper than the storage heaters the nursery previously had.

“Each month we are installing more and more Infranomic systems across Scotland as homeowners and business owners seek to put an end to ever-increasing energy bills.

“Moreover, it is fantastic that Direct Savings have the opportunity to play a pivotal role in educating the next generation to understand and appreciate the importance of being green.”

Direct Savings is one of the UK’s leading national installer of high quality, innovative energy saving solutions. It operates out of six bases – its Bathgate head office, Livingston,Perth, Peterhead, Milton Keynes and Bradford.

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