Dmw 4514 Body PicHomes and businesses in the Highlands and Orkney are being offered an innovative solution to tackle the increasing problem of soaring energy bills with the creation of a new business partnership.

Currently inefficientEner electric storage heaters or oil are the main sources of energy used to heat properties within the Inverness and Morayshire areas, but these are expensive to run and harmful to the environment.

That’s now lead to Direct Savings, specialists in energy efficiency, to team up with Highland family-run business, ERG Windows and Conservatories, to promote and install their ‘revolutionary’ heating systems. 

The Infranomic Infrared heating panels, based on the same technology used in incubators to keep new born babies warm, will keep properties at a consistently warm temperature even during the most extreme winter and will reduce energy consumption by up to 45%.

Ged Smith, Managing Director at Direct Savings, said: “We are delighted to announce that we have a supplier for the first time in the Highlands.

“The partnership with ERG will mean Infranomic heating panels can be distributed across the north of Scotland – helping reduce fuel bills and keep people’s homes warmer for less.

“Expanding to this area is something we have wanted to do for many months now so it is fantastic to have such a great company on board to install the panels.”

ERG Windows and Conservatories has two bases, one in Inverness and one in Invergordon, so is in the ideal location to supply the Direct Savings heating systems across the Highlands.




This new partnership has allowed the firm to employ a further 15 staff so far including electricians, sales people and installers who will help distribute and fit the heating panels.

Greer Joy, Director of ERG Windows and Conservatories, said: “This is the first time we have sold any form of heating but after hearing all of the benefits of the panels, we were delighted to do this tie up with Direct Savings.

“Most of our customers have bulky storage heaters or big oil tanks outside their homes which are not the most attractive or efficient form of heating.

“The Infranomic panels mean people in the Highlands that have had to rely on expensive forms of heating, can become much more energy efficient and have attractive heating in their homes or businesses. It will also create several jobs which in this current climate, is a much welcomed opportunity.”

Direct Savings promise that customers who install the new Infranomic panels will benefit from an average reduction of 45% per year on their energy use as well as having no annual maintenance to worry about.

Infranomic heaters emit ‘Far Infrared’ energy which floods the entire room with warmth, absorbing into all materials within the room, including the walls, ceiling and floor. The heat retention is far greater to that of warm air conventional systems.

Far Infrared is also acknowledged as a natural and harmless form of heating that is actually beneficial to the human body – the body is designed to absorb Infrared energy as it operates on the same frequency.

Uniquely, the heating panels, which use the same technology found in special baby care incubators, can be designed to look like art work or mirrors – or take the shape of a favourite picture or image.

Ged added: “Each month we are installing more and more Infranomic systems across Scotland as businesses and homeowners start seek to put an end to ever-increasing energy bills.

“As a nation we’re hooked on traditional gas, oil and electric heating systems, which are a legacy from last century’s efforts to heat poorly insulated homes and buildings.

“Now that we are able to properly insulate most homes, these convection heating systems are shown up as costly and inefficient. Infranomic heaters are the next generation, offering a revolutionary new approach to efficient and controllable heating.”

Direct Savings is one of the UK’s leading national installer of high quality, innovative energy saving solutions, operating out of five bases – its Bathgate HQ, Perth, Peterhead, Milton Keynes and Bradford.

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