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UK homeowners looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes can now apply for a Green Homes Grant which covers a wide range of energy-saving improvements including heat pumps and insulation.

Launched on 30 September, the Green Homes Grant is a government scheme which offers vouchers to help homeowners make energy-efficient home improvements. While certain improvements, such as insulation, are covered, others including gas boilers, are not. Additionally, all work must be completed by the closing date of 31 March 2021.

What Is The Green Homes Grant?

The Green Homes Grant is a £2bn investment by the government and is part of their £3bn plan to cut carbon emissions. With around 650,000 homes in England covered by the grant, the government hopes that eligible homeowners and landlords will take advantage of the scheme.

While the grant does seem simple to understand, it must be noted that homeowners can ‘pick and choose’ the improvements they want. A primary measure must be installed before a secondary measure can be installed.

How To Apply For The Green Homes Grant

Applying for the Green Homes Grant involves a three-step process before eligible homeowners and landlords can access the vouchers:

Step One- find out if you're eligible for the grant by using the Simple Energy Advice (SEA) service. You can also use the Simple Energy Advice (SEA) service to check which energy efficiency or low-carbon heat improvements can be made to your home.

Step Two- find TrustMark and/or Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) registered tradespeople to undertake the work.

Step Three- make an online application using the government website to obtain a voucher, detailing the energy-efficiency measures you wish to carry out.

To complete the third step, you’ll need:

  • The name and date of birth of the property owner or owners.
  • The name and date of birth of anyone living in the property who is receiving benefits.
  • A quote for the work from a TrustMark-registered tradesperson.
  • The TrustMark licence number of your chosen tradesperson.

Which Home Improvements Does the Green Homes Grant Cover?

The Green Homes Grant covers a wide range of energy efficiency or low-carbon heat home improvements including:

  • Insulation (such as loft, cavity wall or floor insulation)
  • Low carbon heating (such as heat pumps, biomass boiler or solar thermal)

Vouchers can also be used for further energy-saving measures including:

  • Double/triple glazing (only where replacing single glazing).
  • Energy-efficient doors (only where replacing doors installed prior to 2002).
  • Draught proofing.
  • Heating controls and insulation, such as thermostats and smart heating controls.

Contact Direct Savings

To learn more about the Green Homes Grant scheme, contact Direct Savings today and speak with a renewable energy specialist who can answer any questions you might have.

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