How to save £246 a year, and keep warm this winter!

Families with poorly insulated homes are feeling the brunt of the recent gas price hikes - the same hikes that have been hitting headlines for putting energy companies out of business.

A new report from the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) has determined that these families are paying up to the equivalent of £246 more on their annual gas bills.

It states that those in homes that fall under Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) band D, which is 37% of UK homes, are paying a quarter more annually for gas use than those in band C.

This is because the lack of insulation in their properties is allowing heat to escape, meaning they are burning more gas to keep the place comfortable.

The 250% rise in gas prices since January has led to families in bands E and F paying on average £197 and £246 more than band C homes.

Dr Simon Cran-McGreehin, Head of Analysis at ECIU, said: “In the midst of a gas crisis brought about by the UK’s addiction to geopolitically volatile fossil fuels, benefits of limiting energy waste have never been clearer.

“While we’re busy importing expensive gas, influenced by Putin, our leaky homes are allowing a significant proportion to be wasted. A series of home improvements can limit this, cancel out these price rises and help to guard against future price spikes, while making homes warmer and healthier to live in.”

Direct Savings are proud to be able to offer funding to families in order to have their homes insulated, this is available to most people who have someone claiming a benefit in the property - even child benefit.

We have also worked closely West Lothian Council, South Lanarkshire Council and North Lanarkshire Council and are able to offer funding through their local authority flexibility funding. This means in those areas you DO NOT need to be in receipt of a benefit to have your home insulated.

As well as the insulation measures, we can offer funded boilers to these households.

If you would like to discuss your eligibility and find out what you are entitled to, then please contact us here.

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