We cannot find a Refund Policy. This must be clearly displayed on your website. It can be displayed anywhere on your site, providing it can be seen by a shopper before he/she makes a payment by credit/debit card using the WorldPay secure payment system.

For guidelines on an acceptable refund policy for your region, please visit our website at:

We found incorrect references made on your website regarding the currencies in which you can accept payments via the WorldPay payment system. Any references should state only those currencies set up on your WorldPay account.

Currently, you can accept payments in the following currencies through your website using the WorldPay payment system:-
###, ###, ###
Your website must not mislead regarding the currencies you can accept.

We cannot find the Credit/Debit card logos, for the cards that can be accepted through your WorldPay Account, displayed on your website. Ideally, these logos should be displayed at the point of entry to your shop so that shoppers are aware of the payment methods you accept before making a purchase and proceeding to checkout.

Please make sure that you only display the logos of those cards you are authorised and set up to accept. The cards that you can accept are:

Visa Credit
Visa Debit
Mastercard Credit
Mastercard Debit
Visa Electron

If you are able to accept the card payment methods through another Payment Service Provider (PSP) please ensure that your customers can clearly see which card types they can use through the WorldPay payment page.

For instructions on how to add logos to your website, please visit our website at:

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