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Air Source Heat Pump Grants

The government are making Air Source Heat Pumps available to households across the UK

ASHPs are highly efficient and can convert one unit of electricity into three to four units of heat, which means you could potentially reduce your heating energy consumption by up to 50% compared to traditional heating systems.

An ASHP can extract heat from the air even when the outside temperature drops below freezing, making it a viable heating solution for most climates. Just fill out our quick application form online to see if you qualify! 


How much could I save with an ASHP?

ASHPs can help you save money on your energy bills by reducing your heating costs. According to Energy Saving Trust, the average annual running cost of an ASHP in the UK is £650-£1,000, which is significantly lower than traditional heating systems that use fossil fuels.


You may also be eligible for financial incentives and grants for installing an ASHP, such as the Governemnts ECO scheme.


In addition, ASHPs require minimal maintenance compared to traditional heating systems, which can help you save money on repair and maintenance costs in the long run.

Heat pump funding for homeowners


The Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan Scheme provides funding for heat pumps to homeowners. This scheme offers a grant of up to £7,500 and an interest-free loan of up to £7,500, totalling up to £15,000 in funding. Customers in rural and island postcodes may be eligible for additional grant funding.

Please see the breakdown of available funding below:

Grant Funding
Loan Funding
Total Funding
Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan Scheme with rural uplift*
Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan Scheme

Energy Company Obligation


Through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), funding is provided for the installation of insulation, renewables, and heating installations and repairs. The program is designed to assist domestic owner-occupiers, private sector tenants, and social tenants with lower incomes or vulnerable circumstances, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria.

Under ECO, medium and larger energy suppliers are required to finance the installation of energy efficiency measures in households. The obligated energy suppliers collaborate with installers to introduce specific efficiency measures into homes, including but not limited to loft or wall insulation, and heating measures.

You can apply for funding through Direct Savings here.

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