Loft Insulation

Direct Savings have access to UK government ECO funding grants which allows us to deliver up to 100% funded loft insulation to any property which qualifies.

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Uninsulated Lofts

Did you know that you lose about 25% of your home heating directly through the roof of your house if you have not had it insulated. It doesn't take a genius to realise that this type of heat loss will be costing you a lot of money. Installing approved insulation to your loft is a quick and easy way to address this problem.

Installation Process

Mineral fibre rolls are laid between the joists at the required thickness. Currently (as of November 2016) building regulations and the Energy Saving's Trust recommend 300mm thickness. However, if you are looking to simply top up the current thickness of the insulation in your loft we can supply insulation material with depths of 100, 150, 170 and 200mm.

Insulation to tanks and pipes are also carried out as part of the insulation process. Installers will also check that their is adequate ventilation between the newly laid insulation and the roof. This is to avoid any condensation forming in the now cold roof space.