Room in Roof Insulation

Direct Savings have access to UK government ECO funding grants which allows us to deliver up 100% funded room in roof insulation to any property which qualifies.

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Uninsulated Room in Roof

You could save up to £400 in fuel costs by adequately insulating the room in your roof. 

Definition- A room-in-roof or attic room is defined by the presence of a fixed staircase to access the room. 

Many older properties that were originally built with ‘loft room space’ or ‘room-in-roof’ were either inadequately insulated or not insulated at all compared to current building regulations. The types of room in roofs are listed as:

  • Pitched Roof 

  • Dormer Roof 

  • Attic Room

Installation Process

Pitched Roof- High density batts are secured to the walls and ceilings of the attic rooms, with slabs of insulation fitted between exposed rafters or beams. A layer of plasterboard is then installed over the insulation material and skimmed with plaster ready for decorating. Skirting boards, radiators and light fittings will be removed prior to the insulation and replaced afterwards. 


Dormer Roof- Many dormer room-in-roofs can be too hot in summer and too cold in winter which makes them inefficient without adequate insulation. The process is the same as for pitched roof insulation.


Attic Room - A typical attic room has stud walls at the sides of the attic, squaring off the eaves space to create a box style room. The eaves are accessible through a small hatch for maintenance and insulation purposes. The stud walls are insulated with rock wool that is netted into place on both sides and the ceiling. The eaves area is insulated by sliding insulation boards up into the ceiling void between the rafters