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Government-Backed Solar Panel Grants to Install Solar in Your Home

Solar Panels Grants

The government are making full solar panel grants available to households across the UK. Just fill out our quick application form online to see if you qualify! 

In Scotland, you don't necessarily need to be on a benefit.

Qualify for a solar panel grant In 3 Simple Steps…


Take 60 seconds of your time to fill out the form


We’ll let you know whether you’re eligible for a grant!


Our team will be in touch to book a survey and installation date.


How much could I save with solar panels?

Using the power of the sun is one of the most energy-efficient ways to generate electricity for your home, it can also save you money too.

The savings below are based on the consumption of 4,800 kWh (kilowatt hours)5 per annum, and an electricity price of 28p/kWh6, with a south-facing roof (35° pitch and no shade.)

In terms of savings, the exact amount that a household can save by installing solar panels will depend on a few factors. Firstly, the amount of sunlight the solar panels receive will play a big role in determining the energy output of the system. The UK is not known for having the sunniest weather, but even with its relatively low levels of sunshine, a well-designed solar panel system can still generate significant amounts of electricity.


In general, UK households can save anywhere from 20% to 70% on their energy bills by installing solar panels, according to estimates from the Energy Saving Trust.

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Systems designed to meet your needs!

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