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The Best Ways To Keep Your Kids Warm This Winter

Keeping Your Kids Cozy in Cold Weather - A Guide by Direct Savings

With the chilly weather settling in, the last thing you want is your children constantly urging you to turn up the heat. Given the rising energy costs, you might be avoiding cranking up the central heating to save money during the colder seasons. Our guide is here to assist you in keeping your kids warm throughout the winter without having to rely on the thermostat. To discover more, read on!

Tips for Keeping Kids Warm When It's Cold Here are some of our top tips for keeping your little ones snug this winter!

Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles are not only great for soothing aches and pains; they are also an effective way to stay warm without turning up the heat. You can find hot water bottles in

various stores, and all you need to do is boil the kettle and fill up your bottle! They can stay warm for hours on end, and your kids can carry them around the house as a personal, portable heat source! Just make sure your kids don't burn themselves; consider buying a hot water bottle with a sleeve or cover.


What might seem like a simple tip can prove very effective in keeping you and your children warm. Wearing multiple thin layers will help keep your bodies nice and warm throughout the day. Consider investing in some good thermals to wear under your regular clothes, ensuring that you and your children stay well insulated.

Thicker Duvets

Many of us switch duvets according to the seasons to accommodate warmer summer months and colder winters. If you haven't already, consider getting a thicker, warmer winter duvet. This can help your kids stay warm at night and wake up feeling cozy without having to run the heating all night.

Nourishing Meals and Warm Beverages

Hearty meals and warm beverages are another straightforward way to keep your kids warm! Winter meals like soups, pies, and other comfort food dishes are not only delicious but also great for keeping your kids warm and well-fed.

While your kids might not be interested in a cup of tea, you can still offer them warm drinks in the evening to help keep them warm. Hot chocolate is always a favorite, and even some warm milk before bedtime can do the trick.

Still Need Assistance?

If you're still having difficulty keeping your family warm, there are various council heating grants and heating funding programs available that can provide assistance.

You can check your eligibility for free here heating grants on our website. For more information, please feel free to reach out to our team at Direct Savings directly.


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