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Congratulations to our latest winner!

Today we installed a brand new boiler for our latest competition winner! That is a grand total of 5 boilers installed, free of charge, to our lucky winners this year alone! Not to mention the thousands of boilers we have managed to secure funding for over the same time span!

Remember, you don’t necessarily need to be on a benefit for Direct Savings to help you - if you need a new boiler, speak to us FIRST, you may be entitled to help you don’t even know exists!

The latest competition is now running - you can enter it here.

Our winner, Iain Macsporran, pictured right, was delighted to have his 16 year old boiler replaced with a top of the range Worcester Bosch, his current boiler really was nearing the end of it’s life and Iain was considering replacing it anyway - so a huge saving for him, just in time for Christmas!

Congratulations Iain! Your new boiler will keep you cosy this winter and you can spend your hard earned cash elsewhere!

Iain would like to thank everyone at Direct Savings and couldn't believe his luck, infact when our team first contacted him to tell him the good news he thought it was a wind up!

One of our fitters Gary done a fantastic job of installing the new boiler, pictured left - making sure everything was safe, neat and tidy - Iain could not praise the guys enough, saying they worked non stop all day to get the job done!

We are here to help as many people as we can, and do our bit to end fuel poverty! Remember if you live in West Lothian or Lanarkshire you DO NOT require to be on a benefit to qualify for up to 100% funding! If you live outside these areas a benefit will qualify you - or if you have no benefit we can still help by arranging an interest free, Government-backed loan - with up to 70% cashback!!!

DO NOT PAY FULL PRICE FOR A BOILER WITHOUT SPEAKING TO DIRECT SAVINGS FIRST! Fill out our contact form here and one of our funding experts will be in touch.

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