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What is Direct Savings role in ECO4?

Direct Savings is an "accredited installer" under the ECO4 scheme.

The accredited installer plays a vital role in the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding program, particularly in the ECO4 initiative, which focuses on reducing carbon emissions and tackling fuel poverty.

Accredited installers are professionals who have been trained and certified to install energy efficiency measures in homes. These measures may include insulation, boiler replacements, and heating controls, and are designed to help households reduce their energy consumption and lower their carbon footprint.

Under the ECO4 initiative, energy suppliers are required to contribute a certain amount of funding towards energy efficiency measures in the homes of low-income and vulnerable households. The accredited installers are responsible for installing these measures and ensuring that they are properly maintained.

The accredited installers work closely with local authorities (LAs) to identify the households that are most in need of energy efficiency improvements. They also help the LAs prepare proposals outlining the energy efficiency measures that will be implemented and the expected outcomes of the project.

In addition to installing and maintaining the energy efficiency measures, the accredited installers also play a crucial role in educating households about how to use the measures effectively and efficiently. They provide guidance on how to reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills, and help households understand the benefits of the energy efficiency measures.

Overall, the accredited installers play a vital role in helping households reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint, and in supporting the goals of the ECO4 initiative.


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