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First Time Central Heating

Some of today’s electric homes don’t have the proper heating systems in place for the size of the home. Not only can this leave homeowners and their families cold, uncomfortable, and miserable, it can also cost a lot of wasted money on energy bills. The good news is, funding is available now for first time central heating, through both Local Authority Flexibility and the government ECO scheme. If you do not have central heating, for example you are using electric storage heaters - then you could qualify to have this changed to either mains gas or a gas boiler with an LPG tank.

For people on benefits this is likely to be fully funded - although we would need to discuss your individual circumstances to make sure. If you are not on benefits you could still qualify through local authority flexibility funding, the criteria for this varies from area to area, so your best bet is to contact us now and let one of our funding experts investigate it for you. These first time central heating grants apply to homeowners as well as people living in privately rented properties, providing we can get the landlord's permission. Enquire now about our free or partially funded heating grants to start saving money, increase the value of your home - and keep your family warm.


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