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Insulation Installation: How The Full Process Works

Insulation Installation: Save Big with Direct Savings!

As energy bills keep going up, homeowners everywhere are searching for effective ways to stay warm without breaking the bank. One proven solution is insulation, which traps heat inside your home and reduces the need for excessive heating. Insulation comes in different forms like cavity wall, solid wall, and loft insulation, all of which help lower your energy bills.

Get Affordable Insulation through the ECO4 Funding Scheme

Direct Savings offers you an amazing opportunity to access affordable insulation with the government-backed ECO4 funding scheme. Eligible households can receive grants to cover heating upgrades, including wall and loft insulation. Let's take a closer look at how you can benefit from this cost-effective insulation process, from applying for grants to installation.

Easy Steps for Insulation

Step 1: Apply for a Grant

Find out if you qualify for an ECO4 grant by filling out our quick online form. It takes just a minute! If you receive Child Benefit, Universal Credit, or other qualifying benefits, you could get free insulation for your home.

Step 2: Schedule a Home Survey

Once your eligibility is confirmed, our experts will conduct a thorough home survey. They'll assess your structure's suitability for insulation upgrades and check if any existing insulation needs removal. After the survey, you can book your installation.

Step 3: Hassle-Free Installation

Our experienced team ensures a smooth and speedy installation process. Usually, loft insulation takes only one or two days, while wall insulation may require a bit more time. If there's old insulation to be removed, it might take a bit longer.

For loft insulation, we start by sealing any air gaps. Once it's dry, we precisely cut and fix the insulation material in place, securing loose edges with professional-grade tape.

Direct Savings: Your Partner in Energy Savings

At Direct Savings, we're here to help you access ECO4 funding and provide the energy efficiency upgrades you need. Besides wall and loft insulation, we offer a range of energy-saving solutions, including new boilers, solar energy options, and smart control upgrades.

Start saving today by reaching out to us. Discover how Direct Savings can transform your home and fill out our eligibility form to get started right away.


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