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Scotland going 'Net Zero' by 2045

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The world is in a global climate emergency. Scotland has took the lead and set an ambitious target to become ‘Net Zero’ by 2045, which is five years ahead of the rest of the UK.

So, what does “Net Zero” actually mean? It’s pretty simple - the amount of greenhouse gases we, as a nation, put out into the atmosphere and the amount we are able to remove, should add up to zero. Any emissions we create, we are going to have to offset it by doing things like planting trees, restoring peatland - or more interestly, using modern technology to capture and remove carbon from the air.

We can all make a difference when it comes to climate change - using that little less energy at home for example. Here are some tips.

  • Install a room thermostat – turning your heating down just one degree can save around £60 a year.

  • Invest in smart heating controls – this’ll let you keep your home comfortable without wasting fuel or heat.

  • Understand your energy bill – get in touch and we can help you with this.

  • Draught-proof windows, doors and cracks - there are many quick wins around the home or a professional can install an effective solution.

  • Switch appliances off stand-by and use kitchen appliances carefully.

  • Fit a water-efficient shower head and take a shorter shower.

  • Get your boiler checked – an efficient boiler makes a big difference, you should be getting it checked once a year - if it is old an inefficient we can help you with funding to replace it.

The ECO scheme is offering funding for people to make their homes more energy efficient. Replacing old inefficient boilers and updating insulation to keep the heat in - both ways of working towards our future and tackling this climate emergency, and the benefits aren’t just for the planet - you benefit too.

It's what we specialise in here at Direct Savings - we know the funding options available and are always on hand to offer advice on how you can help the nation, the world - and your wallet.

If you do not qualify for any funding, whether this is because no one receives a tax credit or benefit in your home - or you don't qualify under your local authorities flexibility funding - you can still apply for an interest free loan.

The loans are available to make energy improvements to your home - £15,000 interest free - You can even get cash back of up to 25% (max £3750) for certain energy efficiency improvements.

To make an application you would contact Home Energy Scotland - they will discuss with you the measures that are best for your home, and the environment. To apply for the loan you need to have quotes to submit to Home Energy Scotland - Direct Savings are happy to arrange these quotes for you, just give us a ring 01506 444161 or head over to our contact us page.


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